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Stylemix team

Finn Rosetta6' 6''104 lb220.0
Keith Hickman6' 4''104 lb000.0
Harriette BauerStylemix Band5' 5''102 lb000.0
Charlie Stone5' 5''102 lb000.0
Darrin BennStylemix Band6' 4''102 lb000.0
Branden Cornish5' 4''102 lb000.0
Joey Butler--220.0
Archie Stead--220.0
Daniel Benn--330.0
Mitchell Childe--330.0
Seth Clemens--330.0
Mario Bellucci18080000.0
Aiden LeggattBluebirds17456000.0
Seth ClemensBluebirds17646000.0
Mitchell ChildeBluebirds18268000.0
Daniel BennEagles18070000.0
Archie SteadEagles17968000.0
John Woolley19090000.0